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We see the people behind the policy - Quality Engineered Homes

By Sovereign Insurance

Since 1987, thousands of families across Ontario have trusted Quality Homes to build their dream home or cottage. That’s largely because the 'work family' behind the art and science of Quality's modular home building bring their heart and passion to work every day. The integrity of their people is reflected in the integrity of their products.




Meet the people behind the policy

  "Building a custom home for a family is a huge deal. You know, whether you’re part of the framing or the finishing, wherever you are in the process, I think people love the fact that we’re building Ontarion’s great homes, that we have a good reputation for quality and great customer accolades.” – Howard Sher, Executive VP
"I always wanted to be a builder of some sort but houses was always a major dream of mine to be part of building and I get to do that here. It is a community of people here at Quality Homes.” – Jeff Shaus, Framing Supervisor    
   "It doesn’t matter whether you are the custodian or the owner of the company, across the board everyone’s treated the same. And that’s an awesome atmosphere to come to work in every day.” – Amanda Aitken, Health & Safety Manager
 "The most rewarding part of my job is helping people.” – Matthew Fleet, Sr. Account Executive, Hub International Limited  
   " We love where we live, we love our property, we’ve been here 30 years, we didn’t want to move. Quality Homes has been reassuring the whole process through. It was absolutely fantastic and they’ve made it stress free.” Ellen and Dan Marshall, Homeowners


At Quality Homes, building is both an art and a science1

The talented designers at Quality Homes are masters at translating their customers’ visions into beautifully designed and architectured homes that work perfectly for them and their families. When it comes to the science behind the operations, Quality Homes has perfected a high-tech method of construction that has revolutionized the industry.


Every stage of the building process is clean and precise. Their indoor production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art automated custom cutting and framing equipment. Cuts are perfect. Alignment is exact. Every fastener is arrow straight.



There are also several advantages to the Quality Homes construction methodology when it comes to risk mitigation.

  • Materials don’t sell, warp, split or mold thanks to the indoor, controlled environment the homes are manufactured in.
  • Their indoor, controlled facility enables them to keep their health and safety levels incredibly high.
  • There’s no theft or waste, which can occur when constructing outdoors.
  • Construction time is greatly reduced thanks to the consistent availability of tools, materials and craftspeople.
  • There are no construction delays caused by weather, unreliable sub trades or back ordered materials.

1 Quality Homes, About Us, accessed October 29, 2019

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