Jimmy Tran
Jimmy Tran

Three questions with Jimmy Tran

Do you have mentors? Tell us about them! 

I don’t have a dedicated mentor, but I do touch-base with a select few former colleagues and managers regularly. Whenever I’ve bounced thoughts or ideas during our talks, they’ve shared different perspectives that have been invaluable to my growth.  They’ve either helped me refocus my drive to succeed or simply have been there to listen and offer advice.

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? 
My father has been my biggest influence. Watching him work when I was growing up gave me a strong sense of the kind of work ethic to be successful.  His motto was always, “Work hard. Those who care enough about you will notice. Most importantly, be loyal to those that support you.”

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career? 
Experience is important for growth! Within my first few years in insurance, I thought I could handle anything. As my career progressed, I experienced firsthand which necessary skills were needed to work through either challenging negotiations or conversations in general. These conversations taught me more than any training manual. It truly has made me a more well-rounded professional. I highly encourage individuals to embrace those tough times and seek the learnings that come out of them!


Jimmy is the Western Manager (Equipment Breakdown) at Sovereign Insurance.

With 15 years of experience, Jimmy has developed a global network base that has allowed him to be involved in the creation of various industry leading solutions. With the ability to tap into his experience from markets such as Lloyds, the US, and the Canadian domestic market, he continues to leverage relationships and bring a risk managed approach to clients. Jimmy strives to bring a high level of knowledge and value to all Sovereign’s lines of business and most importantly to clients.

Jimmy is a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and holds a BA from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

When Jimmy’s not in one of the Sovereign offices somewhere across the country he’s based in Vancouver where he spends most of his spare time enjoying the outdoors with his wife and son.

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