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At Sovereign, we execute with our clients in mind and communities at heart because nothing is more important than the lives, families and communities we impact.

Why we do what we do

We’re passionate about protecting Canadian businesses and the communities they serve. This is our purpose.

We respect the gravity of what it means to protect Canadian businesses; it’s so much more than a policy. These businesses are the drivers of our economy. They employ hundreds and in some cases thousands of people. They’re at the heart our communities and the responsibility we have in protecting them extends far beyond their operations but to the people and communities who rely on them every day – for products, services and even employment. This is a responsibility these businesses don’t take lightly. And neither do we.

Living our purpose

Here are just some of the ways we live our purpose.


Delivering trusted and valued risk solutions

Delivering trusted and valued risk solutions

Our risk solutions, services and expertise help companies get back on track when they’ve experienced a setback and more importantly, help them avoid one in the first place.

We take a comprehensive view to ensure that Canadian businesses are well equipped to mitigate risk, leaving them confident to not only navigate through, but to thrive in, a constantly evolving environment.

We develop our solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses – products and services that enhance businesses resilience against increasingly challenging climate risks and new and emerging risk exposures. This long-term thinking allows us to build strong products and services that will be valuable to our partners and clients today and in the future.

Supporting the future of Canadian business

Supporting the future of Canadian business

In 2019 we've partnered with Startup Canada, Canada’s entrepreneurship organization. Startup Canada promotes and supports the success and growth of Canada’s 2.3 million entrepreneurs, with a mandate to foster economic growth, competitiveness, and prosperity through entrepreneurship. Startup Canada is the network promoting, inspiring, educating connecting and giving a voice to Canada's entrepreneurs; supporting them to start, operate and scale businesses that build a better Canada for the world today and for future generations. 

Helping communities thrive

Helping communities thrive

At Sovereign, we care deeply about the communities in which we live, work and do business and we’re committed to continuously exploring new opportunities to help strengthen them.

Since 2005, Sovereign has donated more than $2.6 million to The Children’s Wish Foundation, granting more than 260 wishes to amazing and inspiring wish children.

We also give employees two paid volunteer days each year to support them in getting involved in local communities and with causes they’re passionate about.

Building a sustainable future

Building a sustainable future

At Sovereign, we’re dedicated to developing solutions that encourage and enable sustainability, with a focus on wellness, volunteerism and the environment.

Our national Sustainability Committee empowers all employees, from coast-to-coast across our organization, to champion sustainability awareness and lead grass-roots initiatives at their office and in their local communities.

To help employees make a meaningful and lasting impact, Sovereign supports them with both funding and time, as well as help planning their initiatives.

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