Portrait of LeeAnn Block
Portrait of LeeAnn Block

Lee-Ann Block is an Intermediate Underwriter of Technology and Cyber Risk at Sovereign Insurance. 

With nearly a decade of experience in the insurance industry, she began her career working as a broker in privately owned brokerages which were known for brokering “A class” business in the specialty market place. Brokering exposed her to all lines of coverage and she developed a real passion for the emerging Technology and Cyber space catering to mid-size organizations. 

In 2016, she stepped into the role of underwriter, which has been a game changer for her. She enjoys the analytical aspect that goes into underwriting, delving into the “why” behind a decision. Having a broker background has enhanced her industry network and relationships beyond the analytics, and enables her to relate strongly to broker needs, such as tight timelines and pressures to help clients. She believes hands-on experience is key, as every risk is managed differently. 

Lee-Ann holds a Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation from Global Risk Management Institution and is an active executive member with the not for profit organization ‘Young Insurance Professionals of Toronto” she helps build Toronto’s YIPT community through networking, social events and other initiatives within the industry. 

Aside from life in insurance, LeeAnn is a global traveller who enjoys the great outdoors, fashion, food and all the little good things in life! 

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