Tanya Radtchenko
Tanya Radtchenko

Tanya is a Surety Underwriting Specialist at Sovereign Insurance. She effectively assesses risk and develops innovative, value-added solutions for contractor clients and the brokers who represent them. 

Tanya’s Surety career at Sovereign spans over 10 years. During this time, she has developed a real passion for the unique surety business, which in many ways is an art. Tanya enjoys the challenge of combining financial analysis with the human element of this business.

Being a business owner herself prior to working at Sovereign, Tanya understands how important partnerships can be for her clients and takes pride in contributing to and enabling their success.    

Tanya holds an ACSB industry professional designation from University of Toronto, as well as a BA degree in language studies.  

In her spare time Tanya enjoys travelling, cooking and dining with friends and family.

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