Tina McAvella
Tina McAvella

Tina Mcavella is the VP of Operations at Sovereign Insurance. Tina has over 30 years of insurance experience and has led national underwriting and operations teams for more than 15 years.

She has a passion for teaching and believes strongly in looking forward to help prepare the industry for the future. This means leading talent development, executing projects and transforming business models in order to optimize solutions offered to the end-consumer.

Tina is passionate, professional and above all believes in the value of offering risk solutions that are on-point and competitive. She does this by staying informed about emerging trends, continually learning about other industries and the challenges they face and pursuing innovation that addresses the needs out in the marketplace.

Prior to Sovereign, Tina started her career as a Broker working directly with the end-consumer. She then moved to the Insurer-side working for two leading international Insurers and one Canadian grown company before joining Sovereign in 2017. The move to Sovereign has allowed her to focus on how best to protect Canadian businesses and the communities they serve as well as work with top talent who are collectively committed to pursuing professional excellence.

Tina is a graduate of McMaster University, completed a dual honours program in Commerce and Economics. She has also benefited from participation in various technical and leadership development programs throughout the years.

Based in Toronto and living in Burlington, she believes in being “all in” whether it is with family, friends or work. The work day is too long not to love what you do and home life is too important not to be present.

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