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What do you like most about your job?
I enjoy many aspects of my job. I get energized from the daily interaction I have with our broker partners.  I’ve made and kept up friendships with many brokers over the years. Now that I’m in the later stage of my career, I‘m extending that friendship with their sons and daughters, who are taking over the brokerage.  Atlantic Canada has a collaborative broker force! 

I also love working in Commercial Insurance in general. No two risks are the same, and I love the challenge of finding the right solution for each one. Each day brings me new challenges and keeps the job interesting. 
Do you have a Mentor? Tell us about them.
I was extremely lucky to have a mentor from the first day of my insurance career. Fred Knight gave me a chance and hired me fresh out of University. Thanks to Fred’s guidance, I learned about the importance of broker relationships, sharpened my listening skills, and practiced empathy. His professional relationships became a model for treating broker partners fairly and with respect. Fred showed me that building and maintaining relationships was the lifeline of the independent broker system. 

Originally, I worked for Fred in Saint John. We collaborated again in Toronto. For 15 years, Fred’s influence helped me shape my career. One fond memory I have is how he always maintained relationships, even after retirement. He would always be interested in the market and the broker partners when we caught up. Unfortunately, Fred passed away several years ago; but I’ll always carry his lessons with me.
If you could compete in any one Olympic Sport, which would it be?
I’m a big sports fan! My childhood dreams consisted of winning the Stanley Cup or an Olympic Gold Medal. As you can guess, my favourite sport is hockey and I’m a diehard Maple Leaf fan. I have fond memories of playing hockey as a child and coaching my son’s teams during his youth.

While playing hockey in the Olympic games would’ve been a dream come true, I accomplished the next best thing while I lived and worked in Toronto in the 1990s. With my experience as a goalie, I played net in a charitable exhibition game. The event was held at the iconic Maple Leaf’s Garden on College Street. This arena is where I would watch all my favourite players play hockey. I got the opportunity to play at the same spot where my childhood idol had played! 

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