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Marcus Ouellette

Manager, Commercial Automobile, Atlantic Region

Three questions with Marcus Ouellette

What do you like most about your job?  
I enjoy collaborating with others to find the best possible solutions while navigating multiple underwriting decisions we make each day. I truly believe in the power of teamwork. Two heads are normally better than one.  

Recommend your favourite book.  
Marcus Aurelius “Meditations”. No, not because we share the same first name. I found this book pieces together incredibly basic and profound wisdom. He truly understood life and how best to deal with its many challenges. I haven’t read anything else that compares to his writing. 

My favourite of all his teachings is the idea that life is precious and relatively short. We must strive to live each day almost like it’s our last. This perspective keeps me focused on what matters most to me. 

My second choice would be Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. Is there a better book on strategy?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  
A P&C Underwriter of course!  Joking aside, I wanted to be a professional hockey player for the NHL. I know, the classic Canadian dream for any child! I did learn a lot trying to achieve my childhood dream.  I worked hard at it but didn’t get very far.  

The main lesson I took from my childhood passion is to find out what you’re good at and invest your time and energy there.  Hockey was not my strength, at least not at the level I needed to play professionally. Luckily, I’ve learned a lot from playing hockey as a kid and learned to focus on my strengths as an adult. 

Marcus Ouellette is a Commercial Lines Automobile Manager who works with his Atlantic Region teammates and National team members. His focus is on finding insurance solutions for medium to large and complex Canadian businesses.  Marcus believes in the power of collaboration and partnership, which includes Atlantic Canadian businesses and our broker partners.