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Your industry is changing and evolving every day. Factors like globalization, new technologies, the rise of eCommerce, the impacts of climate change, and increasing industry regulations can all have a big impact on your business. Whether they open opportunities, challenge the way you operate or pose a threat, we help you stay on top of these hot topics.

Sovereign Insurance | Featured: Don Maxwell
7 minute read
A man standing in a large workshop is using a metal grinder
A construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat and a high visibility vest is piloting a drone at a construction site
Sovereign Insurance | 5 minute read
An overhead view of three people in high visibility vests and hardhats
Sovereign Insurance | Featuring Jeffrey Cunningham | 5 minute read
A large and bright boardroom with a living plant wall at the far end
Sovereign Insurance | Featuring Eduard Lecker | 5 minute read
An automatic washing machine for bottles is seen inside a large factory.
Sovereign Insurance | Featuring Ray Larkey | 5 minute read
A white long-haul semi-truck is driving down a long highway alongside a river
Sovereign Insurance | Featuring Kevin Dutchak | 5 minute read
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