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Auto Risk Management Toolkit

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Auto Risk Management Toolkit

By: Sovereign Insurance

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Designed with fleet managers in mind, the Auto Risk Management Toolkit offers helpful resources to protect and support your drivers and help prevent road risks before they happen. The toolkit includes:

The benefits of defensive driver training

While preventing accidents to keep people safe is the most compelling benefit of defensive driver training, there are several other benefits.  Find out what defensive drivers look out for, the key benefits of defensive driver training, and some key defensive skills and techniques to keep your drivers, and fleet, safe.

The importance of pre-hire road tests

When hiring new drivers, applicants with years of trucking experience can look great on paper. However, regardless of a candidate’s work history, it’s crucial for fleet owners and operators to conduct a pre-hire road test to ensure the driver’s skills and professionalism are up to speed. Learn what’s involved and how to put your drivers to the test. 

Fleet preventative maintenance checklist template

This checklist tracks the periodical mechanical inspections required for your commercial power units and trailers, to help you ensure that critical safety functions have been inspected and managed appropriately. It also keeps a log of the maintenance history of your inspected equipment, so that you can track maintenance/repair trends.

Non-commercial vehicle pre-trip inspection checklist template

This checklist provides a list of critical items for a driver to check on the vehicle prior to the start of the shift or workday. Completing this checklist not only helps ensure the vehicle is safe to drive, it may also help prevent costly on-road breakdowns.

Liquid bulk trucks & trailers: product offloading best practice infographic

When offloading product from a liquid bulk truck/trailer, it’s critical that drivers remain at the controls. Remind your drivers of this important best practice with this pictogram – and optional decal!