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Auto Risk Management Toolkit

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By: Sovereign Insurance
Designed with fleet managers in mind, the Auto Risk Management Toolkit offers helpful resources to protect and support your drivers and help prevent road risks before they happen. The toolkit includes:

How to develop a driver training program

Implementing a driver training program can help your company proactively manage risk. Driver training provides one of the best opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the driver in their role, with the ultimate goal of improving driver safety and performance. To help you get on your way to a safer operation, consider this advice of how to administer, enforce, and document a driver training program. 

Auto Accident/Incident Record Template

Designed specifically with Fleet Managers in mind, this report template helps you track your fleet's accident and incident trends to support your drivers in upholding safe and responsible driving practices. The Excel template includes three different registers to help you track trends in your fleet: an Accident/Incident Register, a FMCSA Accident Register, and a Violation Register.

What to do in case of a truck accident

Help your fleet reduce the potential for accidents and respond appropriately if an accident does occur by considering these tips on: how to prevent and prepare for an accident, what to do on the scene, what not to do on the scene, and what to do after an accident.

Automobile Accident Reporting Kit

Accidents happen quickly and without notice. In the event of an accident, drivers need to document important information to support a claim submission. Download and print a copy to keep in your vehicle’s glovebox.

How telematics is transforming transportation

Telematics is changing the game for the transportation industry. It isn’t exactly a new concept, but the latest wave of telematics technology is increasing safety and boosting efficiency on a whole new level. Learn how telematics could help you improve fleet safety, reduce vehicle maintenance costs, deter theft, collect rich data, and in some cases potentially lower your insurance premiums.

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