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Brian Croitor

Regional Underwriting Manager, Commercial Solutions, Western Operations

Brian is a Regional Underwriting Manager at Sovereign Insurance, where he leads an underwriting team in providing risk solutions and service to insurance broker partners.

With over 30 years in the insurance industry, his experience and skills are integral to leading his team in a rapidly changing and competitive industry.

Brian started his insurance career at Wellington Insurance in 1988. He developed his underwriting expertise in roles such as a Senior Commercial Lines Underwriter, Casualty Specialist, and Underwriting Specialist. He transitioned to leadership roles in 2005 holding titles such as a Commercial Lines Supervisor, Commercial Underwriting Manager, and Office Manager.

Throughout his career, Brian has enjoyed the challenge involved in coming up with solutions to write a risk. He believes that learning is a lifelong experience and underwriting never stops teaching. He has a passion for passing along his knowledge to the next generation and watching them grow. Brian’s most important learning experience in leadership is to learn to trust.