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We see the people behind the policy - Move Mobility

By Sovereign Insurance

At Sovereign, we’re passionate about protecting Canadian businesses and the communities they serve – like Move Mobility, a wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturer that helps Canadians regain the mobility and freedom that most of us take for granted.




 Meet the people behind the policy


We're not just out there to sell a van. We're out there to make a lasting relationship with customer. - Dan Cherry, Account Executive, Move Mobility
 Move Mobility’s vehicles have allowed people to get out into the community where otherwise they’d be stuck at home. - Jim Lapp, Executive Director, L’Arche Winnipeg  
  With any business as they grow and expand, as Move Mobility has done and will continue to, you need an open minded insurance company that aren’t afraid to take on some challenge and really look for the big picture, and be willing to grow in that direction. - Chris Degelman, Account Executive, Arthur J Gallagher Canada Limited
 I couldn’t have built this business on my own and I’m really proud of the team. I’m proud of the way we’ve helped the accessible needs in Canada and my desire is to move that to other countries. – Richard Jones, President, Move Mobility  

Move Mobility production facility

Bringing accessible vehicles to Canadians takes a skilled and dedicated team. Here’s a peek at what goes in to creating a Move Mobility vehicle.





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