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Breaking Down Equipment Breakdown

30 minute read

Breaking Down Equipment Breakdown

By: Sovereign Insurance

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Equipment Breakdown (EB) insurance is a critical, yet often misunderstood coverage. 

There remains a common misconception that EB only provides coverage for conventional equipment such as pressure vessels and mechanical equipment. But that’s simply not the case! This isn’t niche or specialized insurance; EB is an important coverage for almost every business, protecting against mechanical, electrical, and pressure vessel breakdown. If your clients own equipment, they likely have EB exposures.

“Breaking Down Equipment Breakdown” helps you better understand all that Equipment Breakdown insurance encompasses, illustrated through helpful claims examples. 

You’ll learn:

  • The history of EB insurance
  • What EB coverage entails
  • The types of equipment it can protect 
  • What additional coverages compliment EB
  • The importance of risk inspections